Deluxe Cups

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Perfect size for little fingers! To carry on their own and filled with a favourite snack or drink. Life is good.

These little deluxe cups can be used as snack cups, open cup and even a little sippy cup

Can be used for baby snacks, pet snacks or even take one to work filled with your favourite goodies.

Options are endless

Has a textured straw which helps with oral-motor and sensory development

Please note this is soft silicone and although it is leak free if you tip upside down or thrown off high chairs although the lids wont come off if children pull them off and this should be taken into consideration.  Please asses your children’s ability to decide if this cup is suitable for you and your needs.  As the lids are changeable this would work best as a cup, sippy cup or straw cup, the snack cup lid is easy to remove